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HP services throughout the Greater Helsinki Region

Normiputki Oy is a reliable partner in the capital region. Our more than a dozen well-equipped maintenance vehicles ensure that we provide support for your building any time, day or night. Our services encompass both commercial and private heating and piping installation, maintenance and emergency repairs. Our field of operations also includes renovations and small-scale construction contracting.

Reliable - No padded invoices, no hidden charges. You only pay a straightforward price and only for the work done.

Normiputki uses a work management app, specifically designed for HP maintenance services, that shows precisely what the client is paying for in terms of work and job-related travel time. This transparency is our competitive edge, since our clients benefit by paying exclusively for the work done, never any padded hourly charges. Clients can access our electronic maintenance logs online (extranet) and conveniently see, for example, what and when work has been done at their housing company. Use of our extranet is free of charge.
"The electronic system I've developed shows, down to the second and the metre, how working time has been used. This, of course, benefits the client when invoice time comes around."

- Jari Enckell, Chairman of the Board, Normiputki Oy

Expert - Comprehensive experience in HP installation and maintenance.

Normiputki is a reliable partner for private clients, commercial companies and housing companies. Our plumbers are first-class professionals for whom meticulous HP work and achieving the best final result for the client are a matter of honour.
Luotettava Kumppani

Fast - On Call 24/7, so the solution to your problem is always at hand

We provide HP services on a annual contract basis, so we always reserve capacity to deal with your property and are on standby 24/7 to handle any problems. If there is an issue with, for example, heating, sewage and/or water piping, it is important to get help immediately!

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