HP maintenance prices and Normiputki Oy terms and conditions

Look over Normiputki's HPAC pricing and terms. Service descriptions can be found here. Prices and terms as of 1.1.2016. All prices noted here include taxes.

Installation and maintenance fees

Weekends 7 AM to 4 PM, €68.20 /h/installer. During other hours and on Saturdays we charge an hourly rate of €68.20 /h/installer with a 100% surcharge + emergency call-out charge of €136.40 /call-out/installer, and on Sundays and holidays €68.20 /h/installer with a 300% surcharge + emergency call-out charge of €136.40 /call-out/installer.

On Call / Emergency jobs

Outside weekday hours 7 AM to 4 PM, calls redirect to our On Call number 0400 729 259, including those to our office number (09) 341 7610.


We invoice for HPAC supplies in accordance with current LVI-Dahl wholesaler catalogue prices. Current prices can be found on the web pages of LVI-Dahl.

Order terms

Working time is calculated as beginning when an installer in the capital region leaves by vehicle for a work site, and ending when the job/task is completed. Note: The job may include invoiced work carried out somewhere other than on site. This kind of work may be, for example, trips to waste disposal facilities, shop time for cleaning machinery, etc.

Invoiced work time for on-call, or so-called emergency jobs begins when a stand-by worker in the capital region leaves home or other site where he/she has been on call and ends when the worker arrives back home or possibly is half way to his/her next call site.

In addition, there is a travel charge by kilometre, a possible emergency alert charge, charges for materials used and possible charges for the rental of specialized equipment, if required. Specialized equipment are special pipe threaders, pipe inspection cameras, vacuum flushers, etc. These charges are calculated as full hours only. Trips to wholesalers / surveys are invoiced as working time.

Travel charges

Travel charges are €1.49/kilometre. Minimum usage charge for a maintenance vehicle is €43.40 / site visit.

Value-added tax

All charges noted on this page include value-added tax of 24%.

Terms of payment

Net within 14 days. Late payment interest 13%.

Terms for contract clients

If you / your company already has a non-fixed date contract in force with Normiputki including prices/payment terms/deliveries of service, the existing contract supersedes the terms above. That means you can use this service order system without worrying about a change to previously agreed terms.